The first!

Well today we have learned and learned to understand how love, security and food all connect together. I like to hear and see every weird rumor about food. Like that documentary that we are watching Food Inc. is right up my alley. I enjoy talking about something is so simple, that we rarely discuss but yet we do it all the time, which is eating. Why do we take eating for granted if there are so many people starving? Does the saying “Your throwing away that food ‘There’s kids in Africa starving”” make sense? because obviously your not doing anything to help them, by not throwing that food away!


One thought on “The first!

  1. I agree with with what you wrote at the very ending. Its so true that we are not doing anything to help people in other countries, especially the people in our own country, but we tell others who can afford meals to stop throwing away the leftovers.

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