The Unexpected Family Reunion

Last year, my cousins and I decided to do a cook out for the 4th of July. Most of us were guys and a few girls; we were all teenagers and there were at least 15 of us. We decided to do it because we’ve seen our parents do it and it looks easy so we were like “we can do that too”. Thinking that at least one person out of all us could cook, we decided not ask if any of us knew how to cook. We were all in charge to bring something to cook, whether it was burgers, sausages, chicken, or any other meat that we may like. My cousin, Elisur, and I went to buy some burgers because they were the easiest to find and we found them cheaper.

However, the day of the cookout we noticed that there was a problem. None of us knew how to work the grill. So we told one of my uncles to come help us with it and it was simple. Later on, we noticed we had another problem. None of us knew how to cook and that was a huge problem. How were we going to have a cook out if none of us knew how to cook? So we called one of my aunts to come teach a few of us, but we couldn’t learn because we either fooled around or we were just that bad of cooks. Instead, my aunt called my other aunts to come and then they all made our food. Then all my other uncles came with some other cousins and soon enough, we had a mini party. It is something memorable because it was supposed to be a cookout for just a few teenage cousins, but it ended up being a whole family 4th of July party.


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