About Jeimy

Hi my name is Jeimy and im 16 years old and i go to Piscataway High School. my favorite hobbies are to draw and paint. i love to listen to music. i think cooking is fun but i dont do it so often. when i do cook the only thing i know how to cook is mac and cheese and sometimes i help my mom cook. id really like to learn how to cook so that i wouldn’t depend on my mom all the time to cook for me. when i grow up i want to become a pediatrician. i have three younger siblings who have only me to look up to and me to set an example for them. i also have one older sibling and i live both my parents. one of the things i enjoy the most is to spend time with my family and i think thats the most important thing to me. i just wish we didnt fight all the time and actually go out to fun places such as on vacations.


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