The Last!

It all started on thanksgiving, the whole family was at my cousin’s house everybody had to bring something in. Everybody did so, there was like 30 people and as result there was so much food, countless and countless trays. My stomach was growling and the trays couldn’t stop coming. I tried to taste the food but my mom to me wait till everybody got there so that we could start eating together. I was so inpatient I was six you couldn’t blame me and I hadn’t eaten anything for three days since I have had been really sick in the past days. All the food just made my mouth water time seemed to got by slower, I couldn’t wait.

Then, everyone was taking so long I fell asleep. When I woke up I notice that the trays had been finished and demolished by them. I was so hungry everyone was just sitting there trying to get relieve after all that food. I was so angry I began to cry because I was extremely hungry and I was getting cramps. I JUST WANTED FOOD! My mom served me some tamales and lasagna, the most delicious food I’ve ever had I could savor all the ingredients in the lasagna (I didn’t like lasagna). The tamales were spicy and to me they just tasted like heaven. I surprisingly ate the food slowly it was just succulent and  flavorful food from that day on I never fall asleep in family reunions!



Pots and pans…and a broken blender!

The cooking was fun, I’ve never seen a room with so many stoves and ovens it was like i was in TV cooking contest–so fun. My team cooked the Healthy Fettuccine Alfredo and it was so simple yet so tasty =>YUMMY =P<=. I have always heard about Fettuccine Alfredo but never had the time to try or make but this time I had the time to make it. It was weird at first to see how all of those ingredients but them as we proceeded the ingredients started to come together and start Ed to look appetizing. When I tried it was delicious and so was the Huevos Rancheros made by the other team!

20130717_103849  20130717_103845 20130717_103825



Carrying The Bags!

Today we went to the Fresh Grocer to buy the ingredients to make the Huevos Rancheros and Fettuccine Alfredo for tomorrow ==> Wednesday. We had a budget of $50 to buy all the ingredients it was more than en0ugh! I were able to see the gluten free section and to see the organic vs. organic prices and quality! I was able to use some tips I used when i go grocery shopping with my mom… We had to carry the bags back, in order to put the ingredients in the fridge. It was 93 degrees outside to be exact but WE DID IT YEY!  AR-121109865.jpg&maxW=300&maxH=300

The first!

Well today we have learned and learned to understand how love, security and food all connect together. I like to hear and see every weird rumor about food. Like that documentary that we are watching Food Inc. is right up my alley. I enjoy talking about something is so simple, that we rarely discuss but yet we do it all the time, which is eating. Why do we take eating for granted if there are so many people starving? Does the saying “Your throwing away that food ‘There’s kids in Africa starving”” make sense? because obviously your not doing anything to help them, by not throwing that food away!