Home Country Food

Two years ago, my family and I went to my home country during spring break. It was the first time I’ve been in El Salvador and especially out of the United States. I knew that El Salvador was going to be very different from New Jersey, especially the food. Here in New Jersey, there is fast food restaurants but where my grandparents lived there was none of that. In New Jersey, I would usually eat waffles/pancakes or cereal for breakfast but in El Salvador my grandparents would makes us scrambled eggs, plantains with sour cream, red beans, and these small fishes fried in a pan. That was technically what we ate for breakfast everyday. Sometimes, though, we would drink some coffee and drink that with the sweet breads they had.

For lunch we would eat tortilla with sour cream and cheese which is this type of hard cheese. And for dinner my grandmother would make us pupusas, a favorite dish of mine that my mom would make for my family and I back at home, though it was not the same the way my grandmother made it. Pupusas are tortillas stuffed with either re-fried beans, cheese (quesillo) or cooked pork meat. It is a traditional dish and I have always loved it. This dish is usually served with this slightly fermented cabbage slaw and tomato sauce. The food in El Salvador was really delicious and I really enjoyed the experience of going to another country and eating food that I normally do not eat here in New Jersey, even if I had to eat the same food almost every day!


One thought on “Home Country Food

  1. This is a nice experience and it reminds me of when I went to Mexico and realized that the food was different from here, too. I wasn’t used to it either and I also ate pretty much the same thing every day. I like that not only did you tell us what your grandmother made, but you described what the dish is made of. I like pupusas too.

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