Cooking Experience

My experience cooking for the first time was amazing. It was my first time actually cooking and it wasn’t something simple, it was a pasta. The dish is called Healthy Fettuccine Alfredo pasta and it was so delicious. I think it came out great; of course I had a lot of help from my two partners, Jeimy and Ana. We worked together which made the cooking process faster and easier. The other team had a delicious meal called Huevos Rancheros and they were great as well. Our food was very delicious even though it was our first time making them.


These are the two dishes made from both groups. They looked fantastic.


Cooking the Food

Yesterday we cooked and it was really fun. We cooked in this really kitchen. Both of the dishes we made yesterday were really delicious and i have never tried them before in my life. Apart from being delicious they were also healthy. Both had vegetables. My group made the Fettuccine Alfredo. I’m so glad that we cooked it ourselves and it came out good. Cooking is fun and I really like it a lot. I hope to make these dishes for my family so that they could see how delicious they are.

Carrying The Bags!

Today we went to the Fresh Grocer to buy the ingredients to make the Huevos Rancheros and Fettuccine Alfredo for tomorrow ==> Wednesday. We had a budget of $50 to buy all the ingredients it was more than en0ugh! I were able to see the gluten free section and to see the organic vs. organic prices and quality! I was able to use some tips I used when i go grocery shopping with my mom… We had to carry the bags back, in order to put the ingredients in the fridge. It was 93 degrees outside to be exact but WE DID IT YEY!  AR-121109865.jpg&maxW=300&maxH=300

Grocery Shopping

I really enjoyed Grocery shopping with my group. We were able to find everything we needed because we had an organized list of the ingredients.  I think we are ready to cook on wednesday which i am looking foward to.  Besides walking in the hot sun I had fun and I hope we keep doing things like this next year.

Shopping at the Grocer

Well today we went grocery shopping. I usually go grocery shopping with my mom and I also help her choose out the groceries she needs. Some items in the store were expensive while others were cheap. Our budget was fifty dollars and we spent over thirty dollars which is still a lot for just two meals. There were a lot of different products but we had to find the right ones to use for the two dishes we were going to cook.

At the Grocery…

Today we went to the Fresh Grocery to buy things that we would need for our two dishes. I normally go shopping with my mom so I know about shopping efficiently. At the grocery there were different brands for just one type of product. Many of the brands just overprice the product just to get more money. Some products are cheaper than others because they are store brands. When shopping it is important to always read the labels because a lot of products have unhealthy ingredients. 

Fresh Grocer Shopping

Today we went to Fresh Grocer located in New Brunswick, NJ to buy ingredients for our recipes for what we are going tomorrow. We only had $50 and we had to manage our money wisely with what we spend. We tried to see which prices would better benefit us. In the end, we paid over $30 and that’s pretty expensive for only two meals. I think its because we bought spices and normally a shopper doesn’t really go to a grocery store to buy spices because they would already have it at home. Also, maybe there were lower prices for the same type of product but we probably just didn’t see them. Oh well, at least now we have our ingredients for tomorrow. Now we’re ready to cook!