A Day With The Family

Last Summer, a week after school ended, my dad told my mom and my siblings and I that we have to pack some clothes because we are going on a trip. We asked him where, but he never told us. even when we asked our mom she didn’t even know. The next day we were driving and driving. My sisters and brother fell asleep but I never did, cause I wanted to know where we were going. A few hours later we ended up at a house in Boston. We had to unpack all of our stuff from the van and put it into the house. We were then greeted by my dad’s side of the family; my grandmother, my three aunts, my two uncles and some friends of the family. At first me and my sisters felt out of place, but then we started to get more comfortable.

When the food came out I was really excited, because my dad and all of his family makes some good food. We all sat at a hugh table and talked and laughed. It was awesome. There were Fried Rice, Baked Chicken, Stuffed Shells, Lo Mein, a Turkey, different types of salads and so much more. There were different types of deserts like cakes, pies, and ice creams. Also there were different kinds of drinks, everything was really good. We spent about 8 hours together eating and talking to each other. We had to sleep over so my sisters and I took alot of food in our room and ate like non-stop. This was a very memorable time about food with my family and I will never forget it.


Some Good Food….


Yesterday, the cooking interns and I went the Douglas campus to cook. We were then slit up into two groups. Jeimy, Lupe and Ana was in charge of making Healthy Fettucini Alfredo and Haley and I were in charge of making Huevos Rancheros. Both Dishes were healthy because they both included a lot vegetables and they were a good source of protein. In my group I chopped up Jalepeno the, tomato, onions, garlic and cilantro. Also I cooked the beans. Haley made the eggs and toasted the tortillas. Both of the dishes were made in under and hour. They were  good quantity and good quality food. At the end both foods was presented nicely and they both tasted amazing.

At the Grocery…

Today we went to the Fresh Grocery to buy things that we would need for our two dishes. I normally go shopping with my mom so I know about shopping efficiently. At the grocery there were different brands for just one type of product. Many of the brands just overprice the product just to get more money. Some products are cheaper than others because they are store brands. When shopping it is important to always read the labels because a lot of products have unhealthy ingredients. 

The Food We Eat…

In this day and age, the production of food has changed drastically. What most farmers think about is making the food cheaper, bigger, and faster; so they would more money off of this idea. For us, the food is not good. The way the corrupted farmers raise the produce is not natural. They would raise the animals in closed spaces with no sunlight and feed them cheaper food that has antibiotics in them; and that would help the chickens to grow faster and bigger then free ranged chickens. For example, free ranged food like chicken or eggs are more healthier because the chickens are fed healthy food and they get to run around and be…chickens. If more produce in America were raised they way they should be, then Americanas would be more healthy. Food is one of the physiological needs for life and if the food is corrupted then so will the people.