The Unexpected Family Reunion

Last year, my cousins and I decided to do a cook out for the 4th of July. Most of us were guys and a few girls; we were all teenagers and there were at least 15 of us. We decided to do it because we’ve seen our parents do it and it looks easy so we were like “we can do that too”. Thinking that at least one person out of all us could cook, we decided not ask if any of us knew how to cook. We were all in charge to bring something to cook, whether it was burgers, sausages, chicken, or any other meat that we may like. My cousin, Elisur, and I went to buy some burgers because they were the easiest to find and we found them cheaper.

However, the day of the cookout we noticed that there was a problem. None of us knew how to work the grill. So we told one of my uncles to come help us with it and it was simple. Later on, we noticed we had another problem. None of us knew how to cook and that was a huge problem. How were we going to have a cook out if none of us knew how to cook? So we called one of my aunts to come teach a few of us, but we couldn’t learn because we either fooled around or we were just that bad of cooks. Instead, my aunt called my other aunts to come and then they all made our food. Then all my other uncles came with some other cousins and soon enough, we had a mini party. It is something memorable because it was supposed to be a cookout for just a few teenage cousins, but it ended up being a whole family 4th of July party.


Cooking Experience

My experience cooking for the first time was amazing. It was my first time actually cooking and it wasn’t something simple, it was a pasta. The dish is called Healthy Fettuccine Alfredo pasta and it was so delicious. I think it came out great; of course I had a lot of help from my two partners, Jeimy and Ana. We worked together which made the cooking process faster and easier. The other team had a delicious meal called Huevos Rancheros and they were great as well. Our food was very delicious even though it was our first time making them.


These are the two dishes made from both groups. They looked fantastic.

Fresh Grocer Shopping

Today we went to Fresh Grocer located in New Brunswick, NJ to buy ingredients for our recipes for what we are going tomorrow. We only had $50 and we had to manage our money wisely with what we spend. We tried to see which prices would better benefit us. In the end, we paid over $30 and that’s pretty expensive for only two meals. I think its because we bought spices and normally a shopper doesn’t really go to a grocery store to buy spices because they would already have it at home. Also, maybe there were lower prices for the same type of product but we probably just didn’t see them. Oh well, at least now we have our ingredients for tomorrow. Now we’re ready to cook!

My Thoughts On TransFat

We had a little discussion about what foods may or may not be healthy and the reasons why they are or aren’t healthy. One thing I learned about that really caught my attention was Transfat and it sounds kind of gross and turns out that it really is gross. The example given to me was that let’s say there’s olive oil and butter. Olive oil is a liquid and butter is a solid and they are both made pretty much naturally without any chemicals. Transfat is a weird thing that comes from the oil become harder but not necessarily a solid. It’s just something weird and it is not really good for you because your body is only used to dealing with things that come from nature and Transfat does not really come from from nature.