The Food We Eat…

In this day and age, the production of food has changed drastically. What most farmers think about is making the food cheaper, bigger, and faster; so they would more money off of this idea. For us, the food is not good. The way the corrupted farmers raise the produce is not natural. They would raise the animals in closed spaces with no sunlight and feed them cheaper food that has antibiotics in them; and that would help the chickens to grow faster and bigger then free ranged chickens. For example, free ranged food like chicken or eggs are more healthier because the chickens are fed healthy food and they get to run around and be…chickens. If more produce in America were raised they way they should be, then Americanas would be more healthy. Food is one of the physiological needs for life and if the food is corrupted then so will the people.


One thought on “The Food We Eat…

  1. Yes, i totally agree with you when you say that if more produce was raised the way it should americans would be much healthier and have less chance of getting sick with all types of illnesses and diseases.

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